Data Permeation Model

This is my definition of a data model where attributes and their values can cascade from parents to children much like CSS to allow for overrides at different levels only as needed, while facilitating the replication of child entities within a parent entity as well as across different parents.

An example is an e-commerce platform where product data can:

  • exist at a global level e.g. quantity in stock or product description;
  • trickle down to website level e.g. regular website and limited-time promotional website;
  • be partially or fully overridden at website level as needed e.g. different pricing and product title on each website

This reduces administrative costs drastically, by normalizing catalog and order management processes for multiple websites and stores and reduces the TTM or marketing ideas as most comprise of replication or creation of child entities with partial attribute value overrides without the need to recreate whole entities.

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