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Want unbiased advice from a neutral party?

  • Thinking of Migrating to Magento?
  • Hiring In-House Magento Developers/Designers?
  • Deciding on 3rd-Party Magento Development/Design Firms?
  • Need a Review of Your Migration Strategy?

As Business Strategists We can:

  • Offer ad-hoc affordable advisory consulting services.
  • Develop magento extensions & modules addressing, business, operational & technical needs.
  • Answer your e-commerce questions and address your concerns with current/future technology and strategy.
  • Help your in-house developers to develop more efficiently and implement best practices.
  • Devise a design, development & seo-safe website migration strategy.
  • Help you decide if Magento or any other piece of technology or strategy is the right choice.
  • Plan and execute–or plan and hand off–specific functionality/extension discovery and implementation projects.

Our Development & Strategy Consulting services DO NOT ALWAYS have to be bundled together, allowing you to receive provider-agnostic and unbiased advice when desired.

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