About E-commerce Management & Background

Every E-commerce task or project should follow a simple cycle of analyze, implement/optimize and repeat!

Here, you can find tips and detailed accounts of daily encounters with e-commerce technology, internet marketing and other online retail issues and strategies adopted to solve said issues. There is a very brief bio of mine, which I hope to have time to improve later.

Since the mid-90’s I have been involved web development and design. Back then, we worked on getting websites “submitted” to Altavista™ and Yahoo!™ and making sure that the web page meta titles were constructed in a way that they would incite interest in the listing and generate a click. But that was far from what came in the late 90’s and especially early in the first decade of 21st century. With the advent of Google, page titles, content and even external in-bound links started having absolutely different meanings. At this point I got involved with some SEO firms and brought my development and pattern-finding–I revere regular expressions–background to help handle more customers with less effort and improve overall strategy.

During this second half of my career (7-8 years) while driving search engine optimization, ppc management, web analytics–which I used to refer to as, web statistics–and general online marketing strategies for websites of all sizes and needs, I realized my passion for the “dollar-amount” industry of e-commerce, where quite often online events could be tied to some sort of monetary value. Having worked for several e-commerce clients on platforms from PHP to classic ASP and osCommerce© to enterprise e-commerce solutions, I transitioned into a position with broader e-commerce focus a few years ago.

Currently, as an e-commerce director I have been tying web analytics and online marketing together to handle almost every need from SEO and PPC to offline conversions and even project management.

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